• Simple Logistics

    Transport of up to eight elements on one truck and easy unloading with a forklift

  • Quick Assembly

    Placement and connection of several elements in 5 minutes

  • Maximum Safety

    Mobile barriers for maximum safety and a wide range of applications. We offer products that stop vehicles of up to 30 tons and a speed of 80 km/h

  • Passage and Evacuation

    Passage and Evacuation The ramps enable the barrier-line to be easily crossed and allow the perimeter to be evacuated quickly


Hostile Vehicle Protection with a maximum in safety

Our mobile Hostile-Vehicle-Barriers provide effective protection against any vehicle attack. Certified in accordance with IWA 14-1:2013-11 and BS PAS 68:2013-08.


Schutz vor Fahrzeugangriffen - Leitfaden der National Protective Security Authority (NPSA)

UK's NPSA stellt einen umfassenden Leitfaden zum Schutz vor Fahrzeugangriffen zur Verfügung.

How do I effectively protect public areas?

We support you throughout the entire process, from risk assessment to product selection and on-site implementation.